Goal Setting

As we look back on 2015 do we count the things that went well or do we focus on what went wrong? It is a gift to yourself when you take a moment to reflect on what has gone your way! The more one focuses on what works in their life, the more good they will attract!
Some tips to capture the good are as as simple as doing a daily gratitude list as you lay your head to go to sleep. An effort to smile at strangers who pass you by is another small gesture that can help you turn someone's day around and make you feel good in the process. Taking time to reflect and see what didn't go as you had hoped or planned, and analyze what could help next time to make it go better is also an important part of the process. Even spending some time journaling the ways in which you could do things to make a failed plan work on take two or two hundred. The only failure exists in not trying again. 
So as you think about 2015 and plan for 2016 do so with gentleness and love. How would you treat your best friend or child if they were reflecting? Seek things that went well and evaluate things that didn't. Set some goals in writing to have a plan and then watch as things start moving in the direction of your goals! Most of all, make the most of each day. I'll leave you with this tip, get a mason jar and each time something great happens in 2016 write it down and put it in the jar. On New Years 2016 spend the evening reading them! 
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